Troubleshooting steps

Troubleshooting steps

The bracelet is out of range in some rooms

Place the bracelet at the gateway. Using the Thingsup BLE Beacon Scanner app, check adjacent rooms. If the Pacsana bracelet is not shown or the signal strength is below -90dBm, e.g. -95dBm, then coverage is poor. Add one or more gateways to extend coverage. 


Gateway is out of range of Wi-Fi

The gateway LED flashes blue if it is out of range, trying to connect to Wi-Fi. Typically, it should be separated by fewer than 3 walls from the home’s broadband router. An app such as Wi-Fi Analyzer can be used to measure the signal strength exactly.

Using Wi-Fi Analyser > Access Points, select the network ID to be used. The signal strength should be over -60dBm, e.g. -50dBm, at the proposed gateway location.

If the signal is too weak then move the gateway closer to the broadband router or install a Wi-Fi extender such as the TP-Link N300 [use the TP Link Tether app and follow the instructions].


Connect Timeout error

If the Wi-Fi credentials are entered incorrectly (it gets to “connect timeout”), do the following:

  1. Reset the gateway. Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.
    It will then flash blue/green and the light turns off. Wait 5 seconds for the restart to complete, then click the power button again to get it to flashing green.
  2. Clear data in the app
    Press and hold the Configurator app icon to show a context menu. Select App info > Storage > Clear data.
  3. When restarting the app, follow the app permissions carefully. In particular ‘Allow management of all files’ which has to be selected manually.
  4. Resume from step 6 above instructions document.


No pings seen from the bracelet

Step 8 " Click Done and wait for pings from the bracelet to the gateway" in the installation manual is important. If bracelet pings are not seen in the app, then the gateway is not configured properly.

Tip: Wear a spare bracelet during installations so that it’s always to hand.