Installer Instructions

Installer Instructions

Please find instructions below which are optimised for a smart phone.
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    • Installer Introduction

      There are two parts to a standard installation - the planning and the installation itself. The information captured at both stages can be submitted online at the follow web pages, Planning & Installation Record or can be recorded in the documents ...
    • Troubleshooting steps

      The bracelet is out of range in some rooms Place the bracelet at the gateway. Using the Thingsup BLE Beacon Scanner app, check adjacent rooms. If the Pacsana bracelet is not shown or the signal strength is below -90dBm, e.g. -95dBm, then coverage is ...
    • Enable remote access to your Android phone

      With your permission, Splashtop SOS allows us to briefly view your phone screen to provide support during a call. We may send you an email inviting you to install Spashtop. Click if you want to install it yourself. From this ...