Enable remote access to your Android phone

Enable remote access to your Android phone

With your permission, Splashtop SOS allows us to briefly view your phone screen to provide support during a call.

We may send you an email inviting you to install Spashtop.

Click https://sos.splashtop.eu if you want to install it yourself.

From this point on the process is essentially the same as installing any other app that asks a lot of questions.
So moving on, as per the next screen you may be asked to Complete setup of the play store account, if you do here is the simplest method.
Tap Continue.

No payment method is needed, so tap Skip

Tap on Install

Allow a few moments for the app to install.

After the app is installed tap on Open

Agree to the Terms and Policy.


Now we need to configure the app and mobile, for many mobiles including Samsung there is a separate add-on that helps provide full functionality this should be installed so tap “Install” as per the screenshot below.

Now we need to configure the app and mobile, for many mobiles including Samsung there is a separate add-on that helps provide full functionality this should be installed. The following instructions are for a Samsung mobile so tap “Install” as per the screenshot below. 

Select Google Play Store and tap either Always or Just Once, if you are not sure which one to choose tap Just Once.

Tap install to install the Add-on for your model of phone, in this case Samsung.

When it completes the install tap on Open.

At the bottom of the next screen in the black panel tap on OK.

Then tap Allow.

Then tap on Grant.


Then tap on Activate.

Tap the 3 vertical lines on the bottom left to access the task switcher and navigate back to the Splashtop SOS screen

Once back at the Splashtop SOS App, you will have a few more items to configure and agree to the order they are displayed may differ however this is not of a concern. Go ahead and tap on Configure.

Tap the Allow Permission slider

Tap on Configure

Tap on Allow.

Tap on OK.

Tap on Allow.

Tap on the globe icon towards the top right.

Select European Union, this is the required setting no matter where you are located in the world.

The app will now attempt to connect to the servers, and may display this warning however after a few seconds this warning will disappear.

When connected the app will display a random nine digit number, it is this number you need to provide Pacsana support with for remote support. Note for security this number changes every time the app is started.

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